Employment Types

Freelance, Permanent employee, or consultant

Employment Types:

  • As a freelancer (C4S specialization)

Do you prefer the independence as a freelancer on a project? C4S have the experience and the needed contacts to be an excellent partner to offer the most challenging assignments. C4S will support and guide the freelancer from assignment to assignment. The aim of C4S, is to build a long term relationship with their freelancers.

  • As a consultant working for C4S

C4S is your employer, assigns you to work for one or more clients. You have the security of a permanent contract, at the same time, you have the opportunity to switch from one challenging assignment to another, or split your time simultaneously between several projects for different customers.

  • On a permanent contract

Clients are contacting C4S to do the selection for specific profiles. You will start working permanently for our client, and from then on, you will be their employee. C4S coaches you, before, during and after the recruitment and selection procedure. You can depend on us in complete transparency in meeting you’re exceptions.

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